Nike+ Data Exporter Liberate your Nike Plus data and use it how you want!
This tool will allow you to download your Nike+ workout data in formats that are compatible with other online services such as Strava or RunKeeper. Its the missing feature that Nike+ should have.

The important stuff you should read first:
  • This webpage uses your nike+ username and password to retrieve your data. I do not store these details, but if you do not trust me (or are especially paranoid) then you should not enter your nike+ login details below.
  • This tool uses a beta version of the Nike+ API's to export your data, it could stop working at any time!
  • This tool will attempt to compensate for low quality data that is stored by some devices by interpolating additional data points, in some rare cases, this may cause strange results.

Contact: Have a feature request? Having problems with the tool? Comments? Reach me on twitter: (@mccaig)

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