Nike+ Data Exporter All good things come to an end.
Unfortunately, the time has come for me to retire this tool.

Nike have been gradually making changes to their API over the past 3 years, and while i have generally been able to keep up, this week they have made changes to how applications log into their platform. Unfortunately, in order to support these changes, this tool would require a significant re-write.
For my own sanity, im instead going to retire the site.

Thanks to everyone wo has tweeted or emailed me in support in the past. The site wouldnt have lasted long without you!

Other Stuff:
  • Over the past 4 years, there were about 4 million workouts downloaded using this tool. Cool!
  • If you miss this tool, email nike and ask them to open up their API! This is your data after all, and they are putting a bit padlock around it!
  • If Nike dont open their API's everyone, vote with your money. Consider buying a fitness device from another manufacturer who allows you to export your data.
  • Development effort aside, hosting a tool like this isnt free - rember to thank other people who host similar free tools that you use
  • If you are looking for another tool like this one, head on over to Matt Stuehler's website, he's also done some grat work on exporting Nike+ data.

Contact: Comments/Thoughts? Reach me on twitter: (@mccaig)